Aviary birds (Not tame)

Yellow emblema finches

Normally $60 the pair

Now $45

Zebra finches

$5 ea

Pearly conures

Normally $250 the pair now $200

Apparently had been DNA tested but I don't have certificates.

Male pineapple conure

Dna sexed male.

Middle bird


Sulpur crested cockatoos

Aviary birds. Not tame.

 5 y.o. pair

$600 the pair

Young Indian ringneck

$75 unsexed

Indian ringneck pair.

Breeding pair normally $200

Now $120

Blue Princess parrots

Related. Young birds possibly male and female but still too young to tell.

$90 each

Sun Conure male

DNA sexed male

Approx 2.5 yo


Masked doves

$50 the pair