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Wholesale & Retail Pet Birds

Pet Birds Galore keeps a wide range of pet birds, and a range of small animals. We strive to offer the best care and advice for our feathered and furry friends, and our goal is to have happy and healthy animals. Wholesale bird enquiries are welcome throughout Australia.

We go above and beyond where possible to help both birds, small animals and their human companions.

A pet bird is just as big a commitment as any other pet, and its imperative that the bird you end up with has the right personality for your lifestyle and family. Part of our service includes finding out what you are looking for and matching you with the ideal bird. 

No matter where you have purchased your pet bird, we would love to care for it while you are on holidays. We have a dedicated area to babysitting your feathered and furry friends. 

Pet Birds Galore also offers rehoming and retraining for birds. We also find homes for the slightly less perfect animals who were either born with a defect or have had an accident (such as loss of toes or a broken wing). We don’t feel that these animals are any less important because they are not perfect but often have amazing little personalities to make up for it.

Shop Opening Hours
Thursday to Sunday 10.30am - 5pm
Public Holidays 11am - 3pm
CLOSED Christmas Day
Hours may vary due to COVID-19.

We are available outside of our opening hours by appointment. Please call Kerry on 0479 180 048 to arrange a suitable time.

Is your bird missing? Check out our lost and found page. We will hold animals for one month before looking for new homes.

Have you found an injured bird? At Pet BIrds Galore we specialise in pet birds such as parrots and lorikeets. If you should come across an injured native bird, pigeon, sparrow, or blackbird then please call the Fauna Rescue Hotline for advice on 8289 0896 OR take the bird to a local vet. 

About Kerry James

Kerry James has been breeding, training and hand raising parrots & lorikeets for the last 18 years. She is not only highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to pet birds, but her passion for their health and happiness is clearly visible when you meet or talk to her.

Kerry also has extensive experience in breeding guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice, and has kept rabbits for many years.