Bayer advocate

dogs 10-25kg 6 pk $108.57 now only $95

dogs over 25kg 3 pk $71 now only $60

dogd 4-10kg 5 pk $60

multi-clens water disinfectant $20

Avi-CALCIUM $16.50

calcium and vitamin D3 liquid for poultry

KILVERM pig and poultry wormer $15

ear canker drops 20ml $12

Acitrolplus bird worker syrup concentrate $13.50

Vetafarm mite and lice spray with insect growth regulator 100ml $15

Vetafarm water soluble bird worker 100ml $15

Aristopet worming syrup for ornamental birds 50ml $18

Vetafarm scaly face mite treatment for budgerigars 50ml $25

Vetafarm sustained release energy supplement +electrolytes 125ml $20

Vetafarm essential vitamins +minerals + amino acids 100ml $18

Vetafarm super calcium +vitamins +minerals 150g $18

Vetafarm soluble probiotic for dogs,cats,caged birds and poultry chicks $20

Aristopet cage cleaner for birds 250g was $25 now $17

Avicare general purpose cage cleaner + disinfectant 500ml was$25 now $20


Vetafarm poly aid plus 40g

Vetafarm antibiotic for ornamental birds 25g